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Welcome to Missing Voices
Sarah Sayeed

Sarah Sayeed is a London based mc, vocalist and producer who has worked the UK scene for the last ten years. She has performed across venues in Europe and has just returned from a recording tour to San Francisco and Toronto.

Sarah SayeedWriting lyrics from a young age, Sarah developed her own unique style of wordplay on the Manchester live circuit during her early twenties. Influenced by conscious hip hop artists such as Tribe Called Quest and powerful female mcs such as Roxanne Shante, she was keen to develop content in addition to style and her bold voice. Sarah’s subject matter is not only a call for female independence and autonomy but also an exposure of political misdemeanors, and a comment of the world at large. She expresses the personal/spiritual to the observational. 

Currently working with gifted Toronto based producers Inside A Mind, Sarah has received acclaim for her first released feature ‘Whispering Through Windows’ on the album ‘Scatterpopia’ (Public Transit Recordings).

Totally fearless in her approach to music making and live performance, Sarah now releases her anticipated debut album Black IS as an independent artist in summer 2009. Black IS unites classic hip hop beats, jazz instrumentals and dirty basslines with witty, bold styles of mc’ing and catchy vocal hooks.

An artist with no compromise, Sarah Sayeed revives the hip hop tradition through her work, bringing a new flavour and essence through drawing on classic Bengali and Indian samples and flipping them.

Sarah Sayeed’s aspirations as a recording and performing artist are to continue making great music, and to navigate music as a way to influence changes in ideas and cultural assumptions. 

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