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Welcome to Missing Voices
Ulfah Arts

- is a unique arts development organisation which creates opportunities for Muslim Women in the arts nationally and internationally making visible the contribution they and other members of disengaged communities in Britain make.

Ulfah Arts is a pioneering arts organisation, which acts as an umbrella
to a number of initiatives specialising in faith and arts. This includes
projects such as "Divine Aubergines", "The Ulfah Collective
Choir" and other works to develop audiences and artists for a diverse
range of cultural organisations.

Ulfah Arts is anactivist for:

  • Gender equality/equal contribution
  • Inner peace through valuing creative expression
  • Intercultural dialogue
  • Eradication of ignorance
  • Sense of belonging/identity


Romana Qureshi
Public Relations Officer

Ulfah Arts
Unit 16
Highgate Craft Centre
8 Highgate Square
B12 0DU

Office: 0121 446 4460
Mobile: 0788 2567223


Ulfah Arts
Marmoucha Foundation
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