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Marmoucha Foundation


Together with art centres, theatres and festival programmers Marmoucha organises more than 60 cultural events annually with Moroccan art and culture. Programmes like Diva’s of the Maghreb, LoungeM, Musica Marmoucha, Hafla Anissa, Tamazgha, WAYO and Mega Hafla are a platform for the broad variety of all North African music. The Marmoucha foundation started in 1998, with the organisation of the Marmoucha festival in Paradiso Amsterdam. The aim: to create a stage for Moroccan music played by artists from the Netherlands. By booking well-known artists from Morocco in the programs beside these artists the Dutch North African artists got the possibility of presenting themselves  to a general public. Up to the day of today the events of Marmoucha are the occasion for talents to play together on stage with the musical masters of North Africa.

Musica Marmoucha

This is a program that focuses on large variety of Arabic music for people in the age of 25 till 45 years old. The program contains three parts with three different Artists. The first part is mostly classical Arabic music where the public can sit comfortably and enjoy the music. During the second concert the public sits also. The third artist brings dansable music and this is also in a place where people can dance. The artists booked for this program are popular North African artists with a high level of musicianship.

Hafla Anissa is the festival of the woman. A programme where lifestyle is combined with culture. From music to dancing, from body decoration to food, all these facets are part of this program exclusively produced for and by women.

LoungeM is a multidisciplinary art programme with film, comedy, music, tallent shows, dancing and theatre. Each edition has a cultural topic where extra attention is given on.

Tamazgha is the programme that entirely is focused on the Amazigh (Berber) culture from North Africa. The largest part of the Moroccan population in Europe consists of people from this North African region.

Divas of the Maghreb presents three authoritative singers from the Maghreb, each from another region and with their own music style. One of the characteristics of the Maghreb is the enormous diversity in music and languages and dialects which are spoken in the different countries and regions. This strongly becomes apparent in the program Divas of the Maghreb in which both the traditional and modern music of well-known singers are being presented.

WAYO is the program where new music trends are shown. Arabic Hiphop, R&B and other progressive music styles are part of the program. The development of the crossover music, in which North African and Arab elements are combined with hip-hop and R&B is the style of this program.
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